1. Client Intake

When you engage in our process, A Credit Fixed Certified Professional will prepare your documents and systematically guide you through the intake process. This will include a written money back guarantee, agreements, disclosures, Q&A and assistance with obtaining your Equifax, Trans Union and Experian credit reports

2. Credit Analysis

Now that we have your current credit reports, we will complete a line-by-line analysis of all 3 credit bureaus and identify the items that are questionable, we then prepare a customized restoration plan designed to strategically apply consumer credit laws in the dispute process targeting the derogatory trade-lines.

3. Execute Our Plan

Now you can simply sit back and relax. We carefully draft each dispute letter for you. What we do require from you is that you forward all correspondence you receive from your creditors and credit reporting agencies directly to your Credit Fixed consultant in a timely manner and we will do the rest

 About  Credit Fixed

About Credit Fixed

Credit Fixed was born of the urgent need to even the playing field for the consumer at large. Your creditors have professionals on their side fighting for their interest and so should you. Credit Fixed is an organization committed to protecting the interests of both our clients and the credit repair industry as a whole. We are a group of credit professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of fair and ethical credit repair practices to the benefit of both our clients and affiliates.

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